Alter Your Habit, To Save The Planet.

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Well. Home is where the heart is; so why not start there.

Be green.

(Or as green as possible.)

Renewable energy, renewable resources. Recycling food and waste. Paper and cardboard. Glass and tin cans. Energy saving light bulbs. Energy efficient white goods. Save water. Save wasting water. Recycle clothes, charity or clothes bank. Freecycle.
Seasonal, home grown, organic.
Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian. Omnivore, herbivore, carnivore. But don't make it a fad, or a bandwagon to roll up on. It's a choice, and one that you'll have to live with, for whatever reasons are right for you.

Sloth or superhuman. Whichever fits you best. Mine is to get fit and stay healthy for as long as I possibly can. Yoga, calisthenics, tai chi, cycling, swimming, walking, running. Suppleness, Stamina and Strength. My choices, I can't stand gyms, and like to be outdoors whenever possible.

The hardest thing for me, parting with items of apparel. But the greatest source of pleasure, sourcing biodegradable, renewable, sustainable, repairable new and old fabrics and materials.
Bamboo clothing, pure wool, fair trade certified, recycled nylon from fishing nets, anti-bacterial, UV protective, second-hand, nearly new, end of line.
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Moving away from the must-have, new season; to the more practical, quality that lasts for years.